Toledo & Co. is an international company founded in 2003 that exports security products such as locks, padlocks, and hardware for residence and commercial spaces to different chain stores and hardware stores. Having more than 25,000 square feet of storage space and still growing. We are known in Puerto Rico, Panama, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Costa Rica, 25 other Caribbean countries, and USA Territories.



To be distinguished world-wide level as a strong and a leading brand in security products of high quality and innovation at fair prices.



To add an organizational culture without territorial limits, delivering our promise of authentic excellence. We want to stay at the forefront of technology in our processes and products. We also cultivate a close relationship with our clients to ensure 100% satisfaction and harvest the achievement of our objectives.



Protection in steel and bronze.

Our guarantee: A Full Warranty.



  • Commitment
  • Quality and service excellence
  • Personalized service and close customer relationships

Toledo & Co. is recognized within the industry for delivering on its promises, having personal contact with clients, and providing fair prices.